What is the 3D chest wall study

When the patient comes to the consultation of the thoracic surgeon (specialist in chest wall deformities) a 3D Study of the chest wall is performed to assess the degree of deformity.

Description of the procedure

Before establishing an adequate treatment plan for Pectus Excavatum, the severity of the deformity must be stratified. Your specialist doctor will perform additional tests to confirm the diagnosis and track the associated pathology. In addition, other diagnostic tests may be performed, including pulmonary function tests, chest radiography, electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiogram. As the morphology of the deformity varies greatly between patients, a preoperative chest computed tomography (CAT) is recommended to document the morphology, dimensions and severity of depression (Haller index / depression index) of the chest.

Today we perform a 3D study of the chest wall with a computer without radiation to the patient. This study then makes it possible to order a non-surgical treatment system to treat pectus excavatum (Vacuum Bell) or pectus carinatum (orthostatic brace).

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